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6 Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck – Tested and Reviewed

Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck

Are you tired of not being able to hear your music clearly in your single cab truck?

Look no further, as we have tested and reviewed the 6 best subwoofers specifically designed for single cab trucks.

With 10 years of experience in the car audio industry, we understand the importance of finding the perfect subwoofer that provides optimal sound quality while fitting seamlessly into your truck’s limited space.

Rest assured, our recommendations have been thoroughly tested and will not disappoint. So let’s dive in and find the perfect subwoofer for your single cab truck!

Top 6 Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck – Reviews

Below we have 6 of the Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck. So, select them according to your need and your budget.

1. Rockford Fosgate P300-10: The Best Powered Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck

Rockford Fosgate P300
Best Powered Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck

You’ll feel the beat, with maximum bass power. 

The Punch P300-10 is powered by 300 Watts of ultra-efficient Class D power, which is precisely tuned through four custom injection-molded fiberglass loudspeaker cones with specially developed mylar tweeters for breathtaking highs and mids. 

A deeply sculpted polypropylene woofer ensures tight bass while protecting against dust and moisture. 

Connect to your favorite music player easily thanks to inline low-, high-, or full-range level inputs, front panel controls for easy tweaking, preset EQ curves that deliver great sound right out of the box—no tuning necessary! 

Controls also include a remote for two built-in cooling fans—yes even more boosted bass!

Rockford Fosgate creates legendary sound for any genre of music, and the 10” subwoofer in our custom sealed enclosure offers optimum sound quality to make sure you aren’t missing out on anything.

You can adjust phase, crossover, and bass boost with ease using the included remote control – we know how certain environments can change around.

Hook one up to your system with either high or low-level inputs – we want every installation imaginable to be possible for this impressive amp.

2. Pioneer TS-WX1010A: Best Budget Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck

Pioneer TS-WX1010A review

The second Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck is the Pioneer TS-WX1010A.

Get the enhanced bass without all of the hassles—Pioneer TS-WX1010A is built for compact cars, vans, speakers on stands, and ATVs. If you’re into explosions, then this is the subwoofer for you!

The robust amplifier features an efficient design with a powerful 300-watt amp with 2 dB more output than previous models with low distortion rates so your music will never run out of gas.

The innovative trapezoid shape provides unbelievable stability for high rigidity while reducing internal standing waves that interfere with sounds making it easy to install almost.

With an abundance of high output and low distortion, this powerful subwoofer is built with what it takes to complement your system for whatever you happen to throw at it.

Slip in the trunk or under the seat and its trapezoid enclosure allows this speaker to be installed anywhere in the cabin– even doubling as a table!

Flexible sound adjustment too, with tunable LPF filters and phase control that houses variable bass boost (a range of 0dB all the way up to 12dB). 

Tuned for loud music with depth and detail: never worry about losing outside noises again when turning up your tunes!

Rockford Fosgate R2S-1X12 R2

The third Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck is again from Rockford.

Rockford has been manufacturing car audio equipment since 1973, so you know they’re really good at what they do. Their newest subwoofer is no exception.

This new enclosure features mica-injected polypropylene cones and compressed half-roll sealed polyurethane surrounds to deliver thump with determination; the Sealed Loaded Enclosure comes with 2 ohms total impedance that handles up to 500 watts RMS.

Rockford’s Prime Series loaded sub enclosures fulfill your car with a low end that you can feel as well as hear; these rugged Sealed boxes will work on most cars regardless of size or make because of its 5/8″-thick medium density.

Put them to work with up to 500 watts RMS of power provided by your amp that will get you crawling through your trunk under the seats on five new Goodyear Eagles!

4. JBL S2-1024SS

JBL S2 1024SS

The next Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck is from JBL.

The JBL Series II 10″ enclosure is loaded with performance, style, and reliability. These bass enclosures are perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their existing car audio system without sacrificing low-frequency response. 

The JBL S2-1024SS is the ultimate vehicle subwoofer, built to handle up to 1,000 watts max. Originally developed for the automotive industry, this particular model has been voiced specifically for best performance inside your Toyota Camry.

Patented Slipstream port ensures projectors will produce optimum power even when mounted in a smaller space with reduced turbulence.

Polypropylene cone and nitrile rubber surround make these speakers more durable than your ordinary automotive speaker; built to withstand the wear and tear of everyday driving conditions and extra vibrations from road debris/variety in terrain.  

S2 series woofers feature an airtight voice coil that’s made up of copper wire for increased efficiency and durability with 100% pure aluminum.

JBL’s innovative series 2 is the bass enclosure that just gets it. The S2-1024SS comes with an advanced tweeter design that knocks all your other subs out of the park. With its selectable smart impedance, you can use it for anything from small speakers to flabbergasting home theater systems.

5. Skar Audio Single 10″ Subs

Skar Audio Single 10 inch Subs

The Skar Audio Single 10″ Loaded Vented Subwoofer Enclosure with SDR-1X10D2 is the ultimate solution for adding competition-grade bass to your vehicle.

This loaded single 10″ vented enclosure converts any car into an audiophile-quality sound system.

Our competition-grade subwoofer features a unique kerf port design to unleash extreme bass output and sound accuracy in your vehicle that leaves all the competition in the dust. Now you’ll never need to slow down for anything!

Ensuring not only the best sound quality but the highest output. They’ve done all of the hard engineering work to make sure their subwoofer and loaded enclosure are an ideal match, guaranteeing quality sound and unmatched power. 

This loaded subwoofer tube model has everything you need–almost like a plug-and-play system–saving you hours if not days installing your new component piece.

It’s built with high excursion speakers attached internally to ensure perfect compatibility with other parts in any standard dual 1/0 enclosure set up, each safe from other vibrations or airborne noise sources that can interfere with fidelity.

 Why don’t we go ahead and get started right away on making your car music play better!

6. Rockford Fosgate P300-10T

The last Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck is again from Rockford Fosgate.

When you’re always on the go, there’s no time for a complicated installation process. But when hardware exists with universal “all in one” solutions, all you have to do is drop it in.

This Rockford Fosgate Punch P300-10T features a 10″ high output woofer and an amplifier that’s perfect for factory or aftermarket installs; plus quick release connectors make it simple to remove when space is too tight.

So take your MP3 player out of storage and get ready to tune up like never before!

The Punch P300-10T is a music lover’s dream. This 10″ subwoofer will make your tunes sound richer and deeper on any factory or aftermarket system you use it with!

Just plug it in, press power, and feel the booming bass of this 300-watt beast that takes up minimal space.

It’s perfect for maximizing sound quality in any vehicle, especially with its rugged construction and enclosure.

This powerful sub can also be customized to suit your needs – just adjust the crossover, phase switch, or bass boost using the included remote knob.

Spare yourself from being forced into uncomfortable seats by popping out the quick disconnect power and signal connectors when you need it too. 

And best of all, Rockford Fosgate is made by one of America’s most trusted names in audio equipment – so feel confident knowing that makes a difference!


Does a 10 inch Subwoofer sound good?

Yes, 10 inch subs sound good. A 10-inch subwoofer in a sealed box is perfect for a crisp, tight bass response with no distortion or buzz that most drivers don’t have the excursion to produce.

For instance, my automotive subwoofers are powered by an amp with up to 900 watts of power on tap which allows me to play them loud without any breakaway sensation occurring at their resonant frequency or within my cabin.

I can also confidently beat my head against the driver cabinet if I wanted to because they’re industrial quality and made out of aircraft-grade aluminum capable of standing up against some serious abuse considering who may want to purchase one if it’s not me 😉

Are the subwoofers actually worth it?

It’s important to keep in mind that any standalone subwoofer isn’t perfect. The most common complaint about the quality of the bass they produce is that “It doesn’t go low enough.” This can be pretty disappointing for anyone who has powerful floor-shaking expectations.

If this sounds like you, then you should know that investing in a full speaker system with powered or passive subwoofers might be your best option. Remember to account for installation costs and car audio wiring if not already installed in your vehicle when making decisions on what you want to buy which make getting everything up front very costly in some cases. So do your research before jumping into anything! 

The most important thing about any speaker is its efficiency with regard to acoustic space. So basically how much sound it outputs per watt of power input. Wave energy has to be focused into an outer sphere or else no one will hear anything (how many times have you seen people shout over their stereo monitors). Ironically (and frustratingly) exterior speakers are almost always more efficient than your interior ones. 

What is the best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck?

They vary in price, but not incredibly so. These subs don’t make much noise unless amped correctly, and they have to have a sealed enclosure made with MDF or plywood+piano hinges to bounce the sound waves off of each other and scatter them around the room.

The goal is a single continuous-wave amplifying itself as it reverberates throughout your vehicle.

What size subwoofer for single cab truck?

The size of the subwoofer you will need for a single cab truck will depend on the specific make and model of your truck as well as the type of sound system you are looking to create. In general, however, most single cab trucks will require at least an 8-inch subwoofer in order to create a noticeable bass sound. If you are looking for a more powerful bass sound, then you may need to consider a 10- or 12-inch subwoofer. Ultimately, the size of subwoofer you will need will be determined by your specific needs and preferences.

How do I make my subs hit harder?

There are a few different ways that you can make your subs hit harder. One way is to increase the power of your subwoofer amplifier. Another way is to add a bass booster or equalizer to your sound system. Finally, you can also try adjusting the settings on your head unit to get the best possible sound quality from your subs.

Which way should I face my subwoofer in my truck?

There are a few things to consider when deciding which way to face your subwoofer in your truck. First, think about where you want the bass to be coming from. If you want the bass to be coming from the front of the truck, then you’ll want to face the subwoofer towards the front. If you want the bass to be coming from the rear of the truck, then you’ll want to face the subwoofer towards the rear.

Another thing to consider is how much space you have in your truck. If you have a lot of space, then you can facing the subwoofer whichever way you want. But if you don’t have a lot of space, then you’ll want to face the subwoofer towards the front so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in the back.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which way you face your subwoofer. Just make sure to consider all of the factors before making a decision.


In the world of audio, it’s all about human taste. And no two people have exactly the same preferences when they buy something as important for their listening experience as a 10-inch subwoofer!

One may be able to spot-check some highly recommended models and find that those will work well in your sealed box but still not afford them because money issues are common (even though we’re living pay check-to paycheck).

Even if you had an unlimited budget there’s no guarantee any specific piece would suit just right–especially considering many components serve multiple purposes inside home theater systems such as being both speaker drivers AND bass frequencies too so finding one perfect. 

It’s important that you take into account your budget as well – if money isn’t a problem then by all means go ahead with what will provide excellent results!

We hope you like our top 6 picks of Best Subwoofer for Single Cab Truck. Please check our related article to know about subwoofers.

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