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Best Powered Subwoofer under 300: Our top 5 Picks

Best Powered Subwoofer under 300
What’s the Best Powered Subwoofer under 300?

The best powered subwoofers under 300 dollars on the market today? You betcha! In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of them. Whether you need extra bass for your music or want to improve the home theater experience with better sound quality – here they are right up front (and very affordable).

While buying the best subwoofer under 300 bucks there are few things you should consider. 

When shopping for a powered subwoofer it’s important to consider your needs. Would an outdoor speaker system with built-in amplifiers work better than one that requires separate units of equipment and cords running all over the place (plus they might not play well outside)?

 The small indoor/outdoor speakers are great if space isn’t an issue but these same models may lack bass response in larger homes where people want true surround sound instead!

Top 5 of the Best Powered Subwoofers under 300.

Below are our top 5 best Powered Subwoofers under 300.We selected these Powered Subwoofers for different budgets please select them according  to your need and in case you find any problem while selecting, check our final verdict.

1. Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

Klipsch’s R-12SW subwoofer is designed to provide the ultimate immersive bass experience. With its 12″ copper spun IMG driver, this low frequency beast will shake your entire room with powerful and accurate lows that you’re craving!

Watch movies or listen to music without any distortion because Klipsh has got it covered on every level possible–the perfect solution when looking for an all around excellent sound quality product. 

Klipsch’s R-12SW subwoofer gives you rich, powerful bass that will fill any room. This 12″ sub features an all-digital amplifier for accurate and efficient power delivery, and a low-pass crossover and phase control for blending its tones with other Klipsch speakers.

This Subwoofer is perfect for anyone who wants to add more bass to their movies and music. This front-firing subwoofer has a 12″ copper-spun woofer and delivers up to 400W of power, making it the perfect addition to any home theater.

Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer

This subwoofer packs a serious punch, delivering powerful bass that will shake your foundation and rattle your windows. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a video game, this subwoofer adds depth and dimension to your sound experience. Don’t miss a single beat – order yours today!

Klipsch’s R-12SW subwoofer is a must have for any home theater system. It delivers powerful and deep bass that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of all action, with integrated low pass crossover settings to help optimize sound quality no matter what listening environment we’re using it within!


  • Great sound quality.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Best in Budget.


  • Bass is quite heavy.

Verdict– The Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer is one of our favorites because it has dual 12″ woofers and offers an incredible listening experience with rich bass and crisp highs for movie theater sound in any room. If you’re looking to take your entertainment experience to the next level, we recommend installing a Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker system.

2. Rockford Fosgate P300 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer. 

Rockford Fosgate P300 review

Our Second Best Powered Subwoofer under 300 is from Rockford Fosgate

For those who want to enjoy the full bass experience in their car or home theater system, this powerful 300 watt amplifier and 12” subwoofer are perfect.

With rich deep sounds that will transform your music listening pleasure – it’s no wonder why so many people choose The Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300W Powered Loaded for all of their needs!

This sub is built with a closed-loop design to ensure optimum performance between the woofer, amplifier and enclosure, plus it has a built-in 0°/180° phase switch for perfect tuning.

It also comes with separate low level and speaker level inputs, so you can use it with pretty much any system. Plus, it has thermal and over voltage protection to keep your equipment safe, plus a high efficiency, low current design for reduced power consumption. 

This is an amazing powered subwoofer that can really crank up the bass. If you’re looking for thunderous lows, then this is the perfect product for you. It’s easy to set up and delivers 300 watts of power, so you can really feel the music.

This subwoofer is perfect for anyone looking for quality sound and durability. The exterior is designed to resist scrapes and bumps, while the “closed-loop” design ensures optimum performance between the woofer, amplifier and enclosure.

The built-in phase switch and adjustable bass boost EQ give you even more control over your sound. And with high-efficiency tone and thermal and over/under voltage protection, you can rest assured that your subwoofer will perform great, even under tough conditions.


  • Easy Installation
  • Good Sound Quality


  • Not durable. 

Verdict: Rockford Fosgate has been making high-quality speakers for over 40 years. If you want to improve your car audio system, start with the most important component–the subwoofer. The P300-12 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a 12″ powered speaker that will give you bass like never before!

With 300 watts of power and dual 12 inch heavy duty woofers, this subs delivers deep booming bass at any volume level. You can’t go wrong when investing in sound quality–Rockford Fosgate makes it easy by offering amazing customer service and warranty plans too!

3.Skar Audio EVL-1X12D2 12″ 2500W Subwoofer Enclosure

Our third Best Powered Subwoofer under 300 is from Skar Audio

The Skar Audio EVL-1X12D2 is a beautifully crafted and intelligently designed single 12 inch vented subwoofer enclosure. It’s perfect for adding some serious low-end thump to your vehicle’s sound system.

This enclosure has been expertly tuned by the engineers at Skar Audio to handle up to 2500 watts of power, making it more than capable of handling the most demanding bass applications.

The Skar Audio EVL series subwoofer is a capable, high-performance and affordable package deal that will help you get the most out of your car audio system. This heavy hitting 12″ woofer produces 2500 watts MAX power making it perfect for anyone who wants deep bass sounds in their music – no matter what kind they like!

You deserve the best bass possible, and that’s why we’ve created the Skar Audio Single 12″ 2500W Loaded EVL Series Vented Subwoofer Enclosure.

It features one more thing that makes this an excellent choice: its double stack ferrite motor provides superior performance in any environment – even if you’re not sure what type or where there might be something nearby generating sound waves (like another speaker). So go ahead; get yourself one today before they sell out again..

This Skar Audio enclosure is perfect for those who are looking to get the most out of their bass system. It features a single 12″ subwoofer, and can handle up to 2500 watts of power. Plus, our advanced port design promotes generous air movement, while reducing distortion.

Turn your vehicle into a bona fide bass machine with this loaded subwoofer enclosure from Skar Audio. It comes complete with a 12″ subwoofer that’s capable of pumping out an impressive 2500 watts of power, for earth-shattering lows that will have you feeling the beat in no time. Plus, the vented design ensures that your system will stay cool and sounding its best even when pushed to the limit. Make some serious noise with Skar Audio.


  • Easy to Install
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Best in Budget


Verdict: The EVL-1X12D2 is a great subwoofer for anyone looking to get the most out of their speakers. It has an impressive 2500W power handling and includes everything you need in order to set up your enclosure, including mounting hardware and speaker wire! This product will give them deep bass sound without costing too much money or taking up space on stage.

4. Yamaha NS-SW050BL 8″ 100W Powered Subwoofer

Our fourth Best Powered Subwoofer under 300 is from Yamaha.

This Yamaha 8″ 100W Powered Subwoofer is perfect for adding powerful bass to any music or movie listening experience.

The unique Twisted Flare Port design minimizes turbulence and distortion, while the Advanced YST II amplifier and woofer ensure accurate, distortion-free sound. Whether you’re watching a blockbuster or blasting your favorite tunes, this subwoofer will give you the deep, rich bass you crave.

This sleek black subwoofer delivers clear, tight and realistic bass for movies, music and more. With its Twisted Flare Port, you’ll enjoy accurate low frequency reproduction without any extraneous noise.

This Yamaha 8″ Powered Subwoofer is perfect for enhancing your music listening experience. With its rich and impactful bass response, you’ll get to enjoy your favorite tracks in a whole new way!

With its stylish design and robust performance, this subwoofer is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy movies and music with lifelike audio quality. Plus, the black finish on this unit will match any décor.


  • You won’t believe how much power this little subwoofer packs.
  • Very solid and heavy
  • Sound quality is decent once tweaked.
  • The product is lightweight, small in size and easy to use.
  • A power switch, an RCA output plug and a level knob. This is all you need for perfect sound!


  • Tweaking your crossover frequencies, sub level and LPF will give you optimal sound.
  • However, the lack of features such as a crossover adjustment and auto power on/off are drawbacks to this speaker.

Verdict: Yamaha is a name known throughout the industry for its high-quality audio equipment. If you’re looking to buy something small and lightweight, with decent sound quality that won’t break your budget too much? These NS-SW050 speakers from Yamaha would be perfect!

5.Polk Monitor XT12 Powered Sub

Polk Monitor XT12 Powered Sub

Our fifth Best Powered Subwoofer under 300 is from Polk Audio.

The Monitor XT12 is Polk’s latest and greatest powered subwoofer, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants great sound without sacrificing style. 

The Polk Monitor XT12 Powered Sub delivers serious bass that will add impact to your music, movies, and games. With a long-throw, high excursion 12″ Dynamically Balanced Woofer and a 100W Class A/B Amplifier, this subwoofer provides low frequencies down to 24Hz for an immersive audio experience.

This beautiful speaker features premium build quality and a modern design, making it the perfect addition to any home décor. Plus, its powerful 12-inch driver delivers amazing bass response that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Don’t miss out on this incredible speaker – order your Polk Monitor XT12 today!

With its rigid MDF cabinet and removable grille, this subwoofer looks great and sounds even better. Add the Polk Monitor XT12 Powered Subwoofer to your home theater system today and experience pure sonic bliss.

It’s compatible with the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X enabled AV receivers, so you can fine-tune the sound to match your preferences. Plus, with volume, variable crossover (80-160Hz), and phase polarity controls, it’s easy to get the perfect sound for your system.

This great sub features NUMEROUS CONNECTION OPTIONS, including line level (RCA), LFE (unfiltered / low pass disabled), and nickel plated, 5-way binding posts inputs. Plus, it’s TIMBRE MATCHED with other Polk Monitor XT speakers, ensuring seamless speaker-to-speaker blending. And if you want even more bass in your room, add another same-model sub for uniformly low frequencies throughout the room.


  • No port noise
  • Powerful Bass
  • Great Sound Quality


  • Bad Customer Support

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