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The Best Harley Stereo Upgrade of 2023,Tested & Reviewed

Best Harley Stereo Upgrade of 2023,Tested & Reviewed

If you’re a Harley Davidson owner, you are well aware of the importance of a great sound system. Not only does it make your ride more enjoyable, but it also enhances the overall riding experience.

In this blog, we will be reviewing the best Harley stereo upgrades of 2024 and provide a comprehensive guide on factors to consider when upgrading your Harley stereo. We will also answer some frequently asked questions and help you choose the perfect sound system for your bike.

Whether you’re looking for the best touchscreen radio or the top budget-friendly options, we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax and let us guide you through the world of Harley stereo upgrades.

Reviewing the Best Harley Stereo Upgrades of 2024

These upgrades suit all Harley Davidson motorcycle models, featuring great features like handlebar controls for convenient riding. Customization options include external amplifiers, knobs, and brackets for a personalized experience. Plus, connectors like RCA and wire harnesses make it easy to install and enjoy your favorite music. Upgrading to the best thing in Harley radios ensures optimum performance and bass, especially with amp, tweeters, and OEM cone speakers.

Aquatic AV MP5 – Overall Best Harley Replacement Radio

Our Pick
Aquatic AV MP5

This unit blew me away with its incredible versatility. From Bluetooth Audio to MP3 and AUX input, I can easily stream music from my favorite devices, ensuring each ride has a unique soundtrack. The native iPod/iPhone support is a game-changer, seamlessly integrating with my Apple devices.

The AM/FM radio adds a nostalgic touch, offering 18 FM and 12 AM presets for global coverage. Installing the Aquatic AV MP5 was a breeze, using my Harley-Davidson factory setup for a quick setup.

What sets it apart is its compatibility with Harley-Davidson handlebar controls, allowing me to manage music without taking my hands off the bars. The 288 Watt Amplifier delivers a powerful punch to my bike's audio, supporting up to 8 speakers or a mix of speakers and subwoofers.

The 3" monochrome display provides clear track information and a modern aesthetic on my Harley's dashboard. A favorite feature? The USB charging capability, keeping my devices juiced up during long rides. This Aquatic AV MP5 is a true companion for a dynamic and connected riding experience.

Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 Upgrade – Best Plug and Play Harley Stereo

Premium Pick
Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 Direct Fit Digital Media Receiver for 1998-2013 Harley Davidson

I recently upgraded the stereo system on my 2013 Harley Street Glide with the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. The installation was a breeze, thanks to the plug and play design that utilized the factory wiring harness and connectors, ensuring I retained all the original functionality.

The 3-inch full-color TFT display is a game-changer, providing excellent visibility even in varying light conditions with its day/night modes. The oversized buttons make control effortless, even when wearing gloves – a crucial feature for any motorcycle enthusiast. The weatherproofing technologies also give me confidence that my investment is well-protected against the elements.

One of the standout features for me is the Bluetooth streaming capability. Being able to wirelessly connect my devices for seamless music playback is a game-changer on the road. The Pandora controls and USB connectivity add to the versatility, and I appreciate the 1.5A USB charging port for keeping my phone powered during rides.

The inclusion of a digital AM/FM tuner, 7-band graphic EQ + PEQ, and independent subwoofer level control allows for a customized audio experience. Even with the stock speakers, I was able to fine-tune the sound using the custom equalizer feature on the radio. The 4 x 50W @ 2ohm internal amplifier delivers impressive power, and I can only imagine how much better it will get when I add an aftermarket amp and speakers in the future.

I also installed the Rockford Fosgate PAUX Punch Universal Auxiliary Input Port, providing a convenient hardwired connection option for my phone and additional charging capabilities. The clear instructions and a helpful YouTube video from Rockford Fosgate made the installation process smooth.

The handlebar controls seamlessly integrate with the system, adding to the overall user-friendly experience. Even without aftermarket speakers and an amp, the sound quality is noticeably better than the stock setup.

In conclusion, the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 is a fantastic plug and play upgrade for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Its user-friendly interface, Bluetooth functionality, and impressive audio capabilities make it a standout choice for riders looking to enhance their audio experience on the road. I’m thoroughly satisfied with my purchase and look forward to further optimizing the sound with future upgrades.

Sony XAVAX5500 – Best Touchscreen Radio For Harley

Upgrade Pick
Sony XAVAX5500

The bezel-less capacitive touchscreen is a game-changer, providing crystal-clear picture clarity, incredible touch responsiveness, and excellent viewing angles. It's a significant improvement over the resistive screen I had before.

Installing this unit was a breeze, thanks to its compact rear chassis. Boot-up times are impressively quick, taking only 3-4 seconds after the ignition is on.

The sound quality is where the XAVAX5500 truly shines. The 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp 2 delivers crisp, clear audio even at higher volumes.

The mids and highs now scream with clarity, and the sub hits harder than ever. The 5V preamp RCA outputs are a massive plus, especially since I'm running a sub and planning to add another amp for the door speakers.

The built-in rear camera input is a thoughtful addition, though the camera itself is sold separately. Dual rear USB ports are handy for phone connections and accessing my music library. The DSO feature enhances sound staging, making a noticeable difference, especially since my speakers and tweeters are mounted fairly low on my door panels.

I appreciate the inclusion of SiriusXM readiness and the advanced signal processing that removes interference. The quick wake-up feature is convenient, and the unit supports wired CarPlay and Android Auto flawlessly. I opted for a clean look by running a dual USB pass-through in place of one of my 12V cig outlets.

While a 13-band EQ would have been a nice addition, the 10-band EQ is sufficient to fine-tune the sound to my liking. The HPF and LPF features add versatility to my audio setup. Overall, the Sony XAVAX5500 has taken my audio system to a whole new level, and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

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Top 3 Budget Harley Replacement Stereos

When choosing budget Harley replacement stereos, consider features like Bluetooth connectivity or a built-in amplifier. Look for quality without compromising your budget. Check customer reviews for feedback on sound quality and ease of installation. Purchase from a reputable brand with a good warranty and customer support. Factor in the cost of installation and any additional accessories you may need. This will help you find budget-friendly options that meet your requirements while enhancing your riding experience.

Alpine UTE-73BT

Alpine UTE 73BT

Alpine UTE-73BT is equipped with built-in Bluetooth for seamless music streaming from your smartphone or other compatible devices. Its front USB port and AUX input allow easy connectivity, while the 3-band equalizer customizes sound to your preferences. Supporting FLAC files ensures high-quality audio playback, and its adjustable display and variable color illumination offer a tailored visual experience. With these features, the Alpine UTE-73BT is truly a standout option for Harley radios, providing great sound quality and a customizable user interface.

Jensen HD1BT Aftermarket Stereo

Jensen HD1BT

If you’re considering an aftermarket stereo for your Harley, the Jensen HD1BT is a highly affordable option. With Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM radio, and an auxiliary input, it offers great features. It’s easily installed on many Harley models and boasts a sleek design built for the open road. The 1-year warranty and stellar customer service from Jensen make it a reliable choice. Whether you’re cruising at highway speeds or stuck in traffic, the Jensen HD1BT ensures your favorite music is always there to accompany you on your ride.

Aquatic AV Aq-mp-5bt-h

Aquatic AV Aq mp 5bt h

This is another Best Harley Stereo Upgrade in our list.

The Aquatic AV Aq-mp-5bt-h offers a budget-friendly option for Harley stereo upgrades, featuring Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming and hands-free calling. With its built-in USB port allowing for easy charging of mobile devices, it also includes AM/FM radio, AUX input, and SiriusXM compatibility.

Its compact size and easy installation make it a popular choice for Harley riders seeking a hassle-free upgrade. Enhancing the riding experience with favorite music, this stereo is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy their music even at highway speeds.

Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Harley Stereo

When upgrading your Harley stereo, prioritize compatibility with Apple Carplay and Android Auto for a modern music experience. Look for wireless remote control, handlebar controls, and rear speakers for added convenience. Ensure plug-and-play installation, media receiver, and aquatic AV sound system compatibility.

Seek stereo upgrades with exceptional sound quality, power, and wireless compatibility for an immersive music experience. Opt for stereo systems with USB drive compatibility, factory radio harnesses, and wireless compatibility for seamless music playback. Consider these factors to enhance your favorite music while cruising at highway speeds.

Evaluating Sound Quality

When upgrading your Harley stereo, evaluating sound quality is paramount for an immersive riding experience. A great stereo upgrade ensures clarity, depth, and balance of sound, adding enjoyment to long rides and music. The speakers’ sound quality, power, and range are crucial factors that determine the audio performance at highway speeds.

Enhancing sound quality through an external amplifier can make your favorite music come alive and ensure a better listening experience, whether you’re tuning into radio stations or streaming from your MP3 player. Don’t forget the importance of wire harnesses, connectors, and bracket installation for optimal sound quality.

Importance of Easy Installation

When upgrading your Harley stereo, the importance of easy installation cannot be overstated. Opting for a stereo upgrade with a simple plug-and-play installation not only saves time and effort but also ensures compatibility, reducing the need for modifications. This user-friendly approach allows you to enjoy your favorite music sooner without the hassle of dealing with wiring and compatibility issues. Easy installation is the first thing to look for when considering the best Harley stereo upgrade, adding to the overall convenience and enjoyment of the process.

Considering Bluetooth and USB Input options

When upgrading your Harley stereo, considering Bluetooth and USB input options is essential for enhancing your music experience on the road. Bluetooth compatibility allows seamless wireless music streaming from your phone, while the USB input offers convenient playback of music from a USB drive. Both options provide versatile music accessibility, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite music at highway speeds. Additionally, these features ensure seamless connectivity with external media devices, making it easier to access radio stations and mp3 files from your favorite artists.

Understanding Waterproof and Volume Adjustment Features

When riding in various weather conditions, waterproof stereo upgrades are crucial. These features protect the stereo system from moisture, ensuring durability. Additionally, adjustable volume controls are essential for compensating for external noise, adapting sound levels to different riding speeds and environments. Understanding these features is key to a reliable and customizable audio experience, allowing personalized sound levels and protection from the elements.

Checking Compatibility with Your Harley Model

When considering a stereo upgrade for your Harley, ensuring compatibility is crucial for a seamless installation process. The best upgrades are tailored to fit your specific Harley model, aligning with the bike’s unique specifications. Compatibility with handlebar controls also enhances convenience and functionality, allowing for easy adjustments while on the road. Understanding compatibility not only streamlines the installation process but also helps prevent issues that may arise during or after the upgrade. A well-matched stereo upgrade seamlessly integrates with your Harley model, providing an enhanced audio experience tailored to your riding preferences and needs.


Riding in various weather conditions becomes worry-free with a waterproof stereo system, ensuring consistent audio quality regardless of environmental factors. The waterproof feature protects the stereo from moisture, extending its longevity and safeguarding it against damage due to water exposure. Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that the stereo upgrade can withstand rain, humidity, and other environmental elements. By providing this protection, a waterproof stereo system offers peace of mind and reliable performance, especially when riding at highway speeds or in unpredictable weather conditions.

Adjustable Volume

Adjustable volume controls on Harley radios cater to individual sound preferences while riding, ensuring optimal audio quality. These customizable sound levels compensate for external noise, maintaining audio clarity even at highway speeds. Riders can fine-tune sound levels with a knob, enhancing their overall audio experience. The amp’s great feature allows personalized volume settings, making favorite music enjoyable. Additionally, the volume adjustments via wire harnesses and rca connectors are a key part of the oem stereo system, bringing out the best bass from the cone and tweeters.

FAQs – Best Harley Stereo Upgrade

How do I upgrade my stock stereo?

Upgrading your stock stereo system involves selecting the right upgrade, ensuring compatibility, and following installation instructions. Identify a suitable stereo that aligns with your audio needs and proceed with installation, making sure to properly wire and connect all components.

What is the best sound system for harley davidson street glide

When considering the best sound system for a Harley Davidson Street Glide, riders prioritize quality audio, durability, and rider-friendly features. The system should provide compatibility with various music sources, including radio stations and favorite MP3 tracks. At highway speeds, the sound system needs to deliver clear and powerful audio.

External amplifiers, wire harnesses, and connectors play a crucial role in enhancing audio performance, while adjustable knobs and bass controls contribute to a personalized listening experience. Additionally, the best thing about a sound system for a Harley Davidson Street Glide is the seamless integration of aftermarket components with OEM parts.

What is the best aftermarket stereo for Harley Davidson Street Glide

When considering the best aftermarket stereo for the Harley Davidson Street Glide, several options stand out. The Aquatic AV head unit provides excellent sound quality and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it a top choice for riders.

Additionally, the Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813 offers great sound quality and compatibility with handlebar controls, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Another attractive option is the Sony XAV-AX7000, known for its wireless connectivity, sound quality, and compatibility with rear speakers.

The Jensen HD1BT also stands out due to its great sound quality, compatibility with rear speakers, and wireless remote control, offering convenience for riders. Lastly, the Sony XAV-AX5000 with its sound quality, compatibility, and wireless remote control is also a strong contender for a stereo upgrade.

Can You Get a High-Quality Harley Stereo on a Budget?

Looking for a high-quality Harley stereo upgrade without breaking the bank? Consider the Jensen HD1BT, Aquatic AV head unit, Sony XAV-AX5000, or Rockford Fosgate PMX-HD9813. These budget-friendly options offer great sound quality, compatibility, and wireless remote control. Upgrade your Harley stereo without burning a hole in your pocket.

What are the best aftermarket speakers for Harley Davidson?

Looking to upgrade your Harley Davidson speakers? Consider the Rockford Fosgate TMS6SG for great sound quality and compatibility. The Hogtunes speakers offer plug-and-play installation and excellent sound quality. The JBL GTO939 is a top choice with factory radio compatibility. Upgrade to JL Audio or Polk Audio for great sound and compatibility.

What sound system does Harley use?

Harley Davidson motorcycles use the Boom! Box Infotainment system, renowned for its exceptional sound quality, compatibility, and road glide stereo upgrade options. The stock system on Harley bikes offers great audio performance with handlebar controls, catering to riders’ audio needs. Harley’s sound system is a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts.

How many watts should motorcycle speakers be?

Motorcycle speakers should have a minimum of 100 watts of power for optimal sound quality, compatibility, and options for road glide stereo upgrades. Consider speakers with at least 200 watts, offering great sound quality, compatibility, and handlebar controls for an audio upgrade. Speakers with 150 watts or more also provide excellent sound quality, compatibility, and handlebar controls. Aim for at least 125 watts if you want to upgrade your motorcycle’s audio system. Another option is to go for speakers with at least 175 watts.

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