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Top 6 Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12 of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12

Struggling with finding the perfect amp for your Alpine Type-R 12? Look no further! In this blog, we share our top picks for the best amps specifically designed to enhance your Type-R 12’s performance. From high-end options like Kicker and Polk Audio to budget-friendly choices from BOSS Audio Systems, we’ve got you covered.

With over 10 years of experience in the audio industry, we’ve helped countless individuals achieve top-notch sound quality and have personally tested each amp in real-world scenarios. Keep reading to find your perfect match!

Top 6 Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12 Reviews

1. Kicker 46CXA8001  Overall Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12

The overall best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12 is from Kicker. The CXA8001 is a high-performance amp from Kicker that’s easy to install.

With all the features you could want and a sleek design, the Kicker 46CXA8001 will be a valuable addition to your sound system.

This Kicker amp adds more than just some extra bass. The Class D amplifier’s 1600 watts peak power provides plenty of much-needed volume to your music.

Kicker 46CXA8001 review
The Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12

It’ll take care of the highs and lows with its Variable 12dB crossover for crisp sound, including a KickEQ 6dB variable bass boost for when you need it most! With an amazing 3-second delay for turn-on/off, this amp is not playing around when it comes to safety.

It has one output and 1600 watts of power, meaning that it has plenty of strength for all your sound needs. Good thing there are three ways you can adjust this 1200 watt Class-D amplifier: a 3-second turn-on delay, variable 12 dB crossovers so you can adjust the highs and lows, and a KickEQ control which boosts those low frequencies to perfection. But wait! 

There is more! This product comes with hardware so it can be mounted vertically or horizontally on your car. Never worry about these guys being safe again – they’ve got kickers too.

The adjustable low pass filter will help you enjoy nicer sound quality by filtering out all those high frequencies so they don’t compete with lower ones. 

And it has almost limitless power so whether it’s Bluetooth streaming or mp3 files on USB sticks there are plenty of ways to turn up the volume. Trust us if you want boatloads of volume that won’t break the bank then Kicker’s got what you need!

2. Polk Audio PA D1000

The Polk Audio PA D1000 Monoblock Mobile Audio Amplifier is the easiest way to ensure you’ve got enough power for your Alpine Type-R 12″ Subwoofer.

We love how it monitors the remote subwoofer level to ensure each speaker sounds evenly thrumming with well-balanced bass.

The Polk Audio PA D1000 has all the power you’ll need when it’s time to turn up. This amp is perfect for mobile audio enthusiasts who want to be heard loud and clear by everyone in attendance. 

Nickel-plated wire terminals ensure maximum signal transfer while the rear of the amplifier lets you adjust your gain level like a pro with its convenient level control knob. Super-efficient class D design keeps things running cool even when playing tracks at high volumes. 

Featuring protection against DC offset, short circuit, reverse polarity, and thermal overloads; never worry about frying your amp!

 It has all the classic touchstones of a serious piece of equipment, with stainless steel hardware and thoughtful design for making it suit any decor.

With 500 Watts RMS, this amp can get loud enough to rock your whole house without breaking a sweat. 

Its line level outputs will keep all the quality signal intact so there’s no loss in quality or volume – just an amplified sound that gets louder than ever before. Be entertained by music that sounds near-perfect at any volume! 

Rock out all night long on Polk Audio’s top audio amplifier – The PA D1000!

3. Alpine MRV-M500

The third best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12 is MRV-M500 . The Alpine Monoblock 500W RMS Amplifier is the perfect upgrade for your car.

The three-way protection circuitry ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy sound safely due to thermal protections for heat build-up inside the amplifier and overload protection if things get too loud in your eardrums.

The Alpine Monoblock 500W RMS Amplifier is engineered to give you power that’s loaded with life. 

The new digital circuitry creates a crisp, high-quality 500-watt sound output, without the headache of analog architecture. 

With overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection built-in, your speakers will be safe at any volume level for hours upon hours without worry.

Get rich sound anywhere. Whether you’re at the campfire or in your living room, this is one set of speakers that can keep up with whatever you throw at it. 

Dual speaker terminals mean no more running around for extra input. Give your life a new tune with this fantastic two-pack of LED-lit Alpine RMS speakers!

4. BOSS Audio Systems R4002

The fourth Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12 is from Boss Audio Systems.

This 800 Watt amplifier provides clean, high-quality sound.

Bass Boost and Subwoofer Control let you customize the bass to your liking. 

This sub handles high watts of power, making it perfect for customization and control. With a rich black finish and sophisticated BOSS logo, this 2 Ohm stable powerhouse provides serious sound for professional drivers across the country.

The Kicker Acoustic Research CXA4002XTD includes Variable Low Pass Filter and Fixed High Pass Filter to allow customizing each channel (independently).

5. BOSS Audio Systems PT1000

This is another best option for Alpine Type-R 12 from the boss audio system. The BOSS PT1000 is a two-channel car amplifier with 1000 watts. 

The single voltage gain stage means that the sound remains true to its original form, and the MOSFET power supply keeps your expensive electrical parts from being fried. Ohms? Pshh, don’t worry about it! 

This amplifier goes from 2 ohms up to 8-ohm loads so you won’t need a ton of other gear just to be able to hook this bad boy up.

Class A/B TOPOLOGY ensures superior audio definition and performance so your music sounds as good as it should have out of those tiny speakers in your dash.

Low Profile amplifier designed to deliver outstanding low-end performance at power ratings ranging from 125 watts RMS to 1000 watts RMS. 

Mosfet Power Supply; two channels. MOSFET output transistors operate without any Audio signal present. Low Impedance 3, 4, and 8 Ohm operation for maximum flexibility with other speakers in the system.

For the old-school DJ that needs versatility. The BOSS Audio Systems PT1000 has it all, and more! 

With variable gain control, your volume knob can be used to adjust not only speaker volume but also what you feed to your amp by connecting multiple speakers or subwoofers with one cable (bridgeable). 

You can’t please everyone at the party with one type of music, so tweak it up for custom listening preference. And get your groove on; turn down the bass for less muddy sound quality when all you want is clear, crisp beats.

BOSS Audio Systems has been around for many years and they know what it takes to deliver the type of experience you need when you want to pump up your sound.

6. Lanzar Amplifier Car Audio

The last Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12 is from Lanzar . The Lanzar Amplifier is a high-powered amp that takes the lead.

With a nickel-plated RCA connector and speaker screw-down terminal, you can never go wrong with this cutting-edge technology.

This amp will power your car speakers to deliver distortion-free sound no matter how loud you want to rock your ride.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite singer or taking in the sights of the open road, this robust car audio amplifier is finely tuned to make sure that your ride is full of high-definition sound.

So you’re one of those people who love their music just a little bit louder than everyone else. And when it comes to your car, that means clean sound with great clarity all while being loud enough to satisfy the wildest of listeners. 

We have excellent news for you! Lanzar has created this amplifier so that everyone can find something to love about it- from how good sounding its audio is to the durability and safety features implemented in it by our team at Lanzar Amplifier Car Audio. 

The Line Out Jacks are perfect for anyone looking for an easy setup with multiple amps because they allow input into the first amp then feed the signal down line out jacks as needed for other amplifiers (which saves on installation wires!)


What amp is best for Alpine Type R 12?

The Kicker 46CXA8001 is a great amp for Alpine Type R 12s. It’s got 800 watts of max power, which is plenty to drive these speakers to their full potential. Plus, the CXA8001 has a variety of sound adjustment options, so you can customize your listening experience exactly how you like it.

If you’re looking for an amp that will deliver powerful, high-quality sound for your Alpine Type Rs, the Kicker 46CXA8001 is definitely worth considering.

How many watts is a Alpine Type R 12?

The Alpine Type R 12 is a powerful subwoofer that delivers great bass response. It has a peak power output of 2250 watts, making it one of the most powerful subwoofers on the market. The Type R 12 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality subwoofer that can handle some serious power.

What’s the difference between 2 ohms and 4 ohms?

2 ohms and 4 ohms are both measures of electrical resistance. The lower the resistance, the easier it is for electricity to flow through. 2 ohms is half the resistance of 4 ohms, so it will allow twice as much current to flow through for a given voltage.

In terms of speakers, a lower impedance (measured in ohms) means that the speaker will be easier to drive. This is because lower impedance speakers present less of a load on the amplifier, making them ideal for use with low-powered amplifiers. Higher impedance speakers, on the other hand, require more power to drive and are better suited for use with high-powered amplifiers.

What is the RMS on a Alpine Type R 12?

RMS stands forroot mean square and is a mathematical way to find the average value of a set of numbers. In regards to car audio, RMS is used to find the amount of power that an amplifier can produce without running into clipping distortion. Anything above the RMS number will cause the sound quality to decrease. The Alpine Type R 12 has an RMS of 750W.


If you’re looking for an app that will give your music the cleanest and most accurate reproduction possible, this may be the best option. Also,  if you want something that sounds good without going overboard on features or price, then it should do nicely. Take a look at our comparison chart of amps to find out which one would work best for your needs!

To get the most out of your amp, it’s important to choose an appropriate type of amplifier for what you need. When deciding whether or not to purchase a new amp, consider these factors before making any decisions about size or type. 

We hope you liked our recommended Best Amp for Alpine Type-R 12!

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