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The 7 Best 3.5-Inch Car Speakers (2023 Update)

Best 3.5-Inch Car Speakers

2023 is going to be a great year for car audio.

With the latest car speakers models available, drivers have an unprecedented amount of options when it comes to choosing the best 3.5-inch car speakers for their vehicles.

Whether you’re looking for power, clarity, customizable sound settings, or something else entirely – we’ve got you covered!

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Top 7 Best 3.5-Inch Car Speakers – Reviews

Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch – Overall Best

Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch 3.50 - Best 3.5 speaker

The Rockford Fosgate P132 punch is one of the best 3.5 car speakers on the market today.This pair of 3.5″ 2-way full-range speakers is rated at 20 watts RMS and delivers outstanding sound quality.

This powerful speaker is built with high quality materials and provides accurate frequency reproduction, making it the perfect replacement for your OEM factory speakers.

With its easy to install package, the P132 is sure to give your car audio system a boost in both sound quality and volume output.

This great speaker features an integrated concealed crossover that hides the crossover inside the basket for a cleaner look and easier installation.

Plus, it ensures that the right frequencies are sent to the proper driver for the best quality sound with maximum protection.

It features a slot-mounted frame pattern which allows for slight adjustments to be made when mounting the speaker, ensuring a better fit.

This results in superior sound quality with minimal distortion. Additionally, the P132 Punch 3.50 speaker is weather-resistant, making it ideal for use in any environment.

With its superior sound quality and easy installation, the P132 is the perfect way to upgrade your car’s audio system. So don’t settle for best, upgrade to the Rockford Fosgate P132 Punch today!


  • Flex Fit Basket Design for easy installation
  • Integrated Concealed Crossover for a cleaner look
  • Injection Molded Cone for superior sound quality
  • Weather resistant for use in any environment


  • May not fit all car models
  • Some users have found the sound quality to be lacking.


The P132 Punch 3.5 speakers from Rockford Fosgate are a great option for those looking to upgrade their car’s audio system.

They offer superior sound quality, easy installation, and are weather resistant. While they may not fit all car models, the P132s are a great option for many.

Skar Audio TX35 (120W) – Upgrade Pick

Skar Audio TX35 3.5 1

The Skar Audio TX35 is a powerful and versatile 3.5-inch full-range speaker that offers excellent sound quality and loudness. It has a low-end response that is second to none in its class, making it the perfect choice for music lovers who want the best sound quality from their car stereo system.

With a RMS power rating of 60 watts, these speakers are perfect for any audio setup. Additionally, the coaxial design ensures that you’ll get clear, accurate sound reproduction.

With a 1″ voice coil and audiophile-grade sound quality, these speakers will provide a significant improvement over your factory speakers.

Featuring a high grade ferrite motor, this speaker provides the strength and quality you need to enjoy your music to the fullest. With its dynamic design and superior craftsmanship, the TX35 is sure to become a favorite in your audio setup.Whether you’re listening to music, taking phone calls, or getting directions, you’ll be able to enjoy crystal clear sound with the Skar Audio TX35 speakers.


  • Excellent sound quality, loudness and Low end response is second.
  • Coaxial design ensures clear, accurate sound reproduction and audiophile-grade sound quality.
  • High grade ferrite motor provides strength and quality
  • Dynamic design and superior craftsmanship and Crystal clear sound


  • Some customers have been dissatisfied with Tweeters
  • This product may not be compatible with all car models.

KICKER 43DSC3504 (80 watts) – Budget Pick


Kicker 43DSC3504 car audio component speakers offer the best value for your money. With a durable construction and a powerful sound, these speakers will give you years of enjoyment.

These speakers are suitable for most vehicles driven today and deliver superior sound quality. With a powerful bass response and crisp highs, these speakers will bring your music to life.

This powerful little speaker is made with A motor that is highly sensitive to DS. that delivers increased volume, so you can enjoy your music even more.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite tunes on the radio or jamming out to your own music collection, you’ll be blown away by the immersive soundscape that this speaker system creates.


  • Fits nearly any vehicle door for easy installation
  • High-sensitivity DS motor delivers increased volume
  • Comes wrapped around a hard plastic spool for easy dispensing


  • May require additional amplifier for some vehicles
  • Some users may find the sound quality to be lacking compared to more expensive options

Skar Audio VX35-ST 3.5-Inch 300 Watt RMS

The NVX NSP525 480W Peak is a powerful 3,500 Watt max output car stereo amplifier featuring high level inputs, bass boost control, and a low pass filter. This super tweeter is designed with audiophiles in mind, and it delivers clean, crisp highs that will make your vocals and high notes sound incredible.

The Skar Audio VX35-ST is a powerful speaker that can handle big power. It has a 1” voice coil and ferrite motor, and it is rated to handle 300 watts of power per pair. It can also peak at 500 watts per pair. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to boost their audio system to the next level.

It also features a high polish finish that gives it a sleek appearance. When it comes to sound quality, the VX35-ST does not disappoint. It delivers crystal clear highs at any volume level. 

Whether you are watching your favorite movie or listening to your favorite song, the VX35-ST will provide you with an immersive experience.So if you are looking for a compact tweeter that delivers superior sound quality, then look no further than the Skar Audio VX35-ST.


  • Powerful speaker that can handle big power
  • Rated to handle 300 watts of power per pair
  • Peak at 500 watts per pair and High polish finish.
  • Sleek appearance and Crystal clear highs at any volume level.


  • Some customers have complained that the product is not as loud as they thought.
  • It may not fit in all cars.

NVX NSP35 140W Peak (70W) RMS N-Series


The NVX NSP35 is a 3.5-inch full-range car audio speaker that packs a serious punch.

These little beauties pack a serious punch, with 140 watts of peak power and 70 watts of RMS power. That means you’ll be able to enjoy crisp, clear sound at any volume level.

The NSP35 also features a polypropylene cone, which provides exceptional sound quality while being durable and long lasting. So you can enjoy your music for years to come. And since it’s a lightweight material, it won’t add any unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

This speaker is built to last with a voice coil that can withstand extreme heat and maintain its power. They’re perfect for any home audio setup, and their small size means they can be easily mounted anywhere.

But it’s not just about the power – these speakers also sound incredible. Thanks to their rubber surrounds, they produce rich, full sound with minimal distortion.

And their Frequency Response range of 80 Hz – 20 kHz means you’ll hear every note loud and clear.

The stamped basket provides a sturdy and reliable platform, while the silk dome tweeter provides a warm treble that is also remarkably clear and easy to hear.

In short, the NVX NSP35 is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an upgrade from their factory speakers. With its superior sound quality and durable construction, it will provide you with years of enjoyment.


  • Polypropylene cone and 140 watts of peak power with 70 watts of RMS power
  • Rubber surrounds and Frequency Response range of 80 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Stamped basket and Silk dome tweeter


  • High volumes of vibrations.
  • Some customer  feedback suggests that the product may not be as durable as advertised.

Kenwood Excelon KFC-X3C (120 Watts) 3.5-Inch Mid Range Speaker

Kenwood eXcelon KFC X3C

Kenwood eXcelon KFC-X3C 3.5-Inch Speaker is the perfect car audio upgrade for anyone looking to improve their sound system.

This is the latest product from Kenwood, designed to provide outstanding sound quality and clarity. These speakers have a special shape that allows sound to spread more widely and sharply, so you get a richer, clearer experience.

This speaker delivers 50 watts RMS of power (120 watts peak power), making it a great choice for upgrading your system. Plus, the build quality and sound quality of this speaker is second to none, thanks to Kenwood’s Excelon series.

This speaker features a polypropylene cone with a silk-dome tweeter that is equally as smooth and delicate that delivers natural, accurate sound reproduction.

Additionally, the speaker’s 3.5-inch size makes it a great choice for install in a variety of locations.

Whether you’re hitting the open road or just cruising around town, you’ll appreciate the enhanced audio quality that the Kenwood eXcelon KFC-X3C 3.5-Inch Speaker provides.


  • The speaker’s one of a kind shape allows for an expansive sound field, granting a listener with both rich and direct audio.
  • The speaker supports 50 watts RMS of power, making it ideal for upgrading your current audio system.
  • The build quality and sound quality of the speaker is excellent.


  • The speaker does not come with grills, so you will need to purchase them separately.
  • Some consumers were dissatisfied with the build quality.

Pyle PL32BL 120W 3.5 Inch Coaxial Car Speaker

Pyle PL32BL

Pyle PL32BL is one of the best 3.5 car speakers that you can find in the market.These coaxial speakers are the perfect addition to your car audio system.

These speakers are also vehicle door and side panel mount compatible, so you can easily install them in your car.

These speakers feature 1″ neodymium film dome tweeters that produce clear, distortion-free sound. The massive butyl rubber surround ensures durability, while the two-way coaxial speaker system delivers unbeatable sound quality.

But it’s not just about the volume–these speakers also deliver clear, high-quality sound that will make your music sound great. And with a 4-ohm impedance, you can crank up the volume without sacrificing sound quality.

These speakers are easy to install, with a mounting depth of just 1.61 inches, and they fit mostly all types of cars, RVs.

So whether you’re cruising down the highway or just hanging out at home, the Pyle PL32BL is perfect for any situation. Get ready to take your music listening experience to the next level with the Pyle PL32BL.


  • Durable dual 1″ high-temperature KSV voice coil and non-fatiguing rubber suspension for safe use.
  • Two-way coaxial speaker system for superior sound quality with Butyl rubber surround for longevity
  • 4-ohm impedance for compatibility with most audio systems.


  • May not fit some aftermarket audio systems
  • May not produce as much bass as some larger speakers
  • Some users may find the sound quality lacking compared.

Is a 3-way speaker better than two way speakers?

Most experts would agree that 3-way speakers are better than 2-way speakers.

Here’s why: 3-way speakers have an extra speaker dedicated to reproducing high frequencies. This means that the highs will sound crisper and clearer than with a 2-way speaker. 

3-way speakers also have a mid-range speaker. This means that the overall sound quality will be better than with a 2-way speaker since mids are often crucial for getting a realistic and full sound. 

Finally, 3-way speakers usually come with a subwoofer built in. This means that you won’t need to buy an additional subwoofer separately , saving you both money and space.

Do three-way speakers require an amplifier?

Yes, you do need an amp for 3-way speakers. The door speakers are typically the speakers that need an amp because they are the ones that are farthest from the amplifier.

Is it better to have a higher wattage amplifier than a speaker?

It is generally recommended that you have around twice as much amplifier power as your speaker’s power rating. This gives you plenty of headroom to avoid damaging your speakers while still being able to produce some good volume levels.

If you’re looking for even more power, you can always go with a higher wattage amplifier, but make sure your speakers can handle it! damage to your speakers.

If you’re looking for even more power, you can always go with a higher wattage amplifier, but make sure your speakers can handle it!

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